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Dura/Flex Products Vinyl Strip Doors are so practical and efficient yet so simple in design.  They consist of hanging flexible PVC strips, lightweight and transparent, and interlocked to form an environmental seal that opens only to the size of the person or equipment passing through.  The strips part readily on contact and automatically fall back in place as pass-through is completed.  This design and operational simplicity provides advantages like these:
  • Energy Control - Since the Strip-Door is always closed except for the seconds of pass-through, and even then open only as wide as needed, it minimizes air passage, controlling internal temperatures and hence heating and cooling energy.  In addition, a Strip-Door uses no electricity or other operating energy.
  • Noise Control - And because it stays closed, a Strip-Door serves as a sound barrier, helping control noise distraction between areas of plant activity.
  • Safety Promotion - The unhampered visibility provided by the transparent strips prevents vehicle or personnel collisions, while at the same time making possible a common passageway for both.  The Strip-Door eliminates the hazards of unexpected blind door openings and the chances of injury from heavy swinging doors.
  • Traffic Efficiency - Strip-Doors require no unusual truck slowdown for entry.  In some installations depending on width, the even allow simultaneous pass-throughs in opposite directions.
  • Layout Efficiency - In designing plant layout, no allowance or space loss as required for a swinging door need be made; and because vehicles can approach and pass through a Strip-Door at any angle, increased flexibility in aisle arrangement is possible.
  • Minimal Maintenance - Though lightweight, the door's flexible strips are rugged, and they present low resistance to traffic.  Replacement is minimal, fast and easy.  All the maintenance a Strip-Door normally needs is an occasional wipe down to maintain its appearance.
  • Cost Control - All these savings and efficiency advantages add up to const control - you save money with a Strip-Door, yet it is not the expensive original investment you might expect.  Call your representative today for full details.



  • Dura/Flex standard grade vinyl strips withstand temperatures from 30 degrees (F) to 150 degrees (F) in either internal or external applications.
  • The temperature variation for low-temp material* is from-30 degrees (F) to +100 degrees (F).  This meets requirements for use in the food industry.  Because sunlight will cause some discoloration of the low-tem material, it is recommended for interior use only. 
    * Formulated with U.S.D.A. approved ingredients.

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