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Dura/Flex Guard Rails
  • Provides maximum security against forklift accidents
  • Can take 10,000 lbs. at 4 MPH with only 12" of deflection max
  • Easiest to install in the industry - flange nuts are welded inside each bolt hole for quick, easy installation

Dura/Flex Guard Rails

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for preventing damage to expensive machinery, equipment, office walls, electrical boxes, water mains, mezzanines and most importantly personnel from forklifts and other mobile equipment
  • Easy installation with nuts welded at every bolt hole and hardware and floor anchors included
  • Smooth plastic plugs are provided to fill unused holes in columns
  • Painted safety yellow for high visibility
  • Designed, tested and rated to withstand 10,000 lbs at 4 M.P.H.
  • Simple layout with universal column design
  • In stock for fast delivery
  • Columns are steel square tube mounted on 10" x 10" base plates
  • Rails are formed from high-tensile 10 gauge steel for impact strength

Guarantee and Warranty

  • Personal and professional customer service is offered on all Dura/Flex Guard Rails.  Our Guard Rail carries a one-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Dura/Flex Guard Rails

Lift-Out Adapters

  • When it is necessary to access equipment or space behind the guard rail system, lift-out rail systems are available for use.  These systems allow the rails to be removed and then dropped into the slots to replace the rail after accessing the area behind the rail



Dura/Flex Guard Rail Specifications

What's to Be Protected

  • Protection equipment is used anywhere through out the plant.  Key areas are office walls, mezzanines, water mains, electrical boxes, expensive equipment and personnel.  The cost of the protection equipment is minimal when considering what is being protected and the cost to repair or replace if it is damaged.

Protection Equipment Specification

  • To ensure the proper protection consider the following:
    • Measure overall length of area that is to be protected
    • Is there a protruding object or other unusual configuration to meaure? (Going around corners)
    • Is this a single or double rail application?
    • Placing protection equipment a minimum of 12" in front of what you're protecting is required to achieve proper installation.
    • Do columns need to be offset on the base plate or is the column to be placed in the corner of the base plate? (Tight space conditions govern this decision.)


  • Once you have measured the overall length of the area to be protected, you must divide length of area by length of rails.  It is recommended to use as few of the the longest rails evenly as possible and still protect the designated area.  The reason for using the longest rail possible in even numbers is both for esthetic and economic considerations.


  • Columns are one of the following:  18" tall for single rail and 42" for double rail.  The most common columns are 18" tall for single rail applications and 42" tall for double rail applications.

Lift-Out Rail

  • Specific dimensional information must be obtained when designing guard rail systems using lift-out rails.  Add 1" to column dimension for lift-out rail design

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